Wednesday, August 14, 2019, 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Austin Gnostic Center
5614 William Holland Avenue Unit B · Austin, tx

How to find us

5614 William Holland Avenue; Unit B; Austin, TX 78756 Look for our Pegasus logo hanging from the mailbox on the west side of the street! Walk down the driveway to the rear building with another Pegasus sign near the door!!

“Introduction to Gnosis”; 1st of a 33 lecture series

What are the Gnostic teachings? Why were they considered “secret” for so long? What are it’s core tenets? Where do the teachings come from? What benefits can I expect from practicing gnostic keys? Come join us as we discuss these questions and other aspects of contemporary Gnostic Anthropology, it’s philosophies, and it’s overall beauty . We’ll also discuss the four pillars of Gnosis, a brief history of it’s tradition and it’s current revival which explores a variety of esoteric influences. All of these upcoming 33 lectures are FREE and given in a relaxed environment with time for questions and answers. We also end each lecture with a brief, guided meditation.

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