By VM Samael Aun Weor

An excerpt from each digital book

Encounter With Samael

Islamic Sufi tradition says that he who does not have a Master, has Satan as his Master. The Master is the Spiritual Sun that illuminates the darkness of the aspirant to the wisdom of the Being. Many of the concepts, practices, and comprehensions that later become integral parts of the reality of an aspirant have been received from the clear source of the knowledge that the spiritual Master is. It is not possible to conceive in any of the areas of human development the possibility of learning without one who previously teaches the path to follow, the risks of the path, the needed guidelines and the concrete solutions for specific situations. In short, there is no possible teaching without an appropriate Master. This is how it is in profane life, and even more so in the spiritual life.

Tradition & Revelation

The Gospel of Truth is joy for those who have received from the Father of truth the grace of knowing him, through the power of the Word that came forth from the Pleroma, the one who is in the thought and the mind of the Father, that is, the one who is addressed as ‘the Savior,’ (that) being the name of the work He is to perform for the redemption of those who were ignorant of the Father, while in the name of the gospel is the proclamation of hope, being discovery for those who search for him.

The Truth Shines at the End of the Path

It’s very fair to say at the end of a path, now I know what I needed to traverse it, and what was never necessary. So, now I know how I can guide others. But it’s also very just that they do not believe me, since each one must live his own process of the same path. So, therefore, my comprehension must always be vast because at first everything seems to be useful, and it’s only at the end of the path that one sees the difference between what is useful and what is useless.

The Power of Wisdom

There are people that no longer feel remorse for anything. But, what is remorse? When the Being, when the superior parts of the Being are put face to face before the Sacred Absolute Sun, they see the reality and if their inferior parts march on the mistaken path, then remorse arises in the Being; this remorse of the Being is transmitted to the personality. But when someone can no longer feel remorse for anything, it is a sign that one has definitively moved further away from the Being, because only the Being can feel remorse. And if one is no longer able to feel remorse one is very far from the Being, from one’s own Being and from the different parts of the Being, because the Being has different autonomous and self conscious parts.

One Century With Samael

The planetary Logoi are always witnesses to the dawn of life, because each one of them is the Cosmocrator or creator of the planet of which they are now regents. That is why they possess the lost memory of the night of times gone by. And in the case of our planet Earth, each time one of those Cosmocratores has incarnated particularly the Logos Samael and begins his mission, he then reveals to those of us who listen to him the true history of humanity. And little by little, the true one substitutes the false one, which at first and for a long time in the most skeptical, resists dying; so that in the end, and as it was prophesied, the light may prevail over the darkness of ignorance.

The Path Looks Very Different From Above

To climb up one mountain is a good start; to climb up three mountains for the first time is something greater; to climb the three mountains for the third time is surely something superior; but to climb the three mountains of the Being seven times is truly something superior, excellent, second to none, while beyond this is to fall under a curse.

Astral Travel & the Death of the Ego

The title has ended up as “The Experience of Astral Travel and the Death of the Ego,” which could also very well be called “My Astral Experience and the Death of the ‘I’.” So, by speaking in first person I can comment, share my own personal experience of the astral world and of the death of the “I”, without this being just a lecture that we all know already from first chamber, in which we explain what the astral body is, what the death of the “I” is, and which often ends up being a technical and even cold lecture.

Fundamental Education

It is necessary to stop being robots, to awaken consciousness, and to discover for ourselves what is this very terrible struggle of passing exams, studying, living at a certain place just to study everyday and spend the whole year having nervous breakdowns, worrying, being distressed, practicing sports, quarreling with fellow students, etc.

Revolutionary Psychology

Unquestionably, the poor intellectual animal mistakenly called man not only doesn’t know but also doesn’t know that he doesn’t know. The worst of it is the strange and difficult situation in which we find ourselves; we ignore the secret of all our tragedies and yet we are convinced that we know it all.

The Yellow Book

Why did the author baptize one of his many works with a name like this? He himself explains it to us by telling us, “This is The Yellow Book; it is the wisdom of the Buddhas; it is the science of the cosmic mind. The Buddhas use a yellow cloak. The color of the mental world is yellow. When a man liberates himself from the four bodies of sin, he is a Buddha. Every Buddha uses a yellow cloak. The ray of the Christ is golden yellow.”