In the Master’s own words

“In this path my dear brothers, there are painful processes, very painful; he who wants to begin successfully must start with some physical, disciplinary sacrifices…

In my present existence I began by walking across some entire countries on foot, without a nickel in my pocket, sleeping in the mountains, covered with my own “rags” to ward off disease, arriving in towns penniless, even sleeping under the eaves of houses (when they had such eaves, because nowadays buildings have become so cruel that if it’s raining, one has no other choice but to put up with it. Such is the cruelty of these times!)…

And I don’t regret having walked penniless through entire countries; I don’t regret having suffered through the storms and hurricanes; I don’t regret having come to towns where no one knew me, and without a cent in my pocket… That’s how I began, and it was very useful for me. I began in a natural way; my Father who is in secret wanted me to begin that way, and that’s how I began. Others have had to start out like this because their Guru has set it up like that for their own good…

In the process of the disintegration of the Ego we have to bleed profusely, and we need to wash our feet with the blood of the heart if we want to become completely pure. The inner Self-Realization of the Being is very grave, very serious! One has to pass through frightful torments: many times one has to renounce what one loves most, one has to be willing to lose what is most dear and—I repeat—to wash the feet with the blood of the heart.

One needs to become something different; even one’s personal identity has to be lost. This means that one day we will have died to ourselves because we will have become something different. We need to become distinct, different, to change radically; but how could we change completely if we were to maintain our present identity?

In the beginning I had to forge myself in this hard discipline; my Father who is in secret wanted it that way. I had not understood it, but much later in time I understood it: with me he had followed the same process that all the Gurujis of bygone times have followed, who first and foremost submitted their students to these hard tests; and there is no doubt that the students who passed through them were magnificent…

Every man must decide once in his life whether he will set out to triumph, risking everything, or if he will sit back and watch the triumphant pass by.”

Venerable Master Samael Aun Weor


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