by Austin Gnosis
May 4, 2019
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in truth happiness is over valued, all human beings seek it and because of this the world is full of suffering. Happiness can never be a goal because people will do anything to have it, the result being more struggle and conflict.

How different it is when our yearning is to establish ourselves in the dwelling of repentance, a level of the the Being so high, that there are few who know how to live in it constantly.

Are we ready to live in this level of the Being, in a constant and continuous repentance, not looking for happiness, but for repentance.

Tradition says that these are the signs of repentance: we don’t talk too much because we are in the remembering of the Being. We don’t eat too much, because we are fasting. We don’t sleep too much, because we are praying.

In essence, repentance is the same gift of God. A gift made to souls invited to meet him. If God doesn’t give us repentance, where can we find it. If the Being doesn’t give us love where can we find it.


“Repentance comes from the same contrast between our Being and the Absolute Abstract Space. Where He contemplates his own imperfections, which is transmitted through the Tree of Life until it finally reaches the essence, which faces a contrast with his own Being deep inside. This has one possible result, the constant pursuit of redemption through forgiveness.”

– Samael Aun Weor

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