Meditation – Part 1

by Austin Gnosis
July 18, 2019
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“The vital point of concentration is to attract the mind towards the same object, time and time again, limiting its movements at the beginning to a small radius. That is the main objective. This way, the moment will arrive in which the mind remains on a single point. “

Sri Swami Sivananda

Preparation Prior to Meditation

Revolutionary Ethics

To become a master of Samadhi, it’s urgent to cultivate a rich inner life.

The Gnostic who doesn’t know how to smile has as little control as the one who only knows the guffaw of Aristophanes.

It is necessary to acquire complete control of ourselves. An initiate can feel happy but would never fall into a frenzy. An initiate can feel sadness but would never reach desperation.

The one who despairs over the death of a loved one is still not suitable to become an initiate because death is everyone’s crown.

Those who want to enter the fire’s wisdom have to eliminate the process of reasoning, and must cultivate the ardent faculties of the mind. From reasoning, we must only extract its golden fruit. The golden fruit of reasoning is comprehension.

Comprehension and imagination must replace reasoning. Imagination and comprehension are the foundations of the superior faculties of understanding.

To enter into the knowledge of the superior worlds it is necessary to acquire the superior faculties of the mind. We should learn to think with our heart and feel with our head. Our mind should become exquisitely sensitive and delicate.

The mind should be liberated from all kinds of fetters in order to comprehend life free in its movement. We admire fearlessness.

Desires of all kinds are fetters for the mind. Prejudices and preconceptions are fetters for understanding.

Schools are cages in which the mind remains imprisoned.

We must learn to always live in the present because life is always an eternal instant.

It is indispensable that our disciples cultivate the beautiful quality of veneration. We must profoundly venerate all sacred and divine things. We should profoundly venerate all the Creator’s works. We must profoundly venerate the Venerable Masters of the Universal White Brotherhood.

Respect and veneration completely open the doors of the superior worlds for us.

We must not have preferences for anyone. We must tend to a beggar and to a great lord with the same respect and veneration.

We must cultivate the same courtesy so as to tend equally to the rich and to the poor, to the aristocrat and to the farmer, without preferences for anyone.

We must cultivate patience and foresight. The ants and the bees are patient and prudent.

We must put an end to the yearnings of accumulation and greed. We must learn how to be indifferent before gold and riches.

We must learn how to appreciate the doctrine of the heart more. He who scorns the doctrine of the heart, and follows the doctrine of the eye (theories, schools, bookish culture, etc.), will never be able to arrive at great realizations.

To form a rich inner life, the disciple must neither judge nor criticize anyone. At times it is a crime to speak, and at other times it is a crime to be silent.

It is as bad to speak when one should be silent as it is to be silent when one should speak. It is necessary to learn how to handle the verb, and to know how to calculate with exactitude the result of our words.

The same word can serve as a blessing for one person and as an insult for another. That is why, before speaking a word, we must calculate its result very well.

The Lords of Karma judge things according to facts without taking into account good intentions.

Our mind must be simple, humble, and full of the most profound respect.

Our disciples must carefully avoid all arguments so as to not uselessly waste their energies.

Whoever wants to accept the doctrine of the Gnostics, accepts it, but whoever does not want to accept it is not yet mature, and it is useless to engage in debates to convince him.

May dispute be forbidden, may discord with words be cast down, may the path be cleared of all weeds.

We must cultivate gratitude because ingratitude and treason are connected.

First Chamber One must put an end to envy because from envy comes the Judas who sells the Master for thirty silver coins.

Envy is the poisonous flower that is most abundant among the dark swamps of all the world’s spiritual schools. Envy is often disguised with the judge’s robe.

We must cultivate sincerity because the most beautiful flowers of the spirit germinate in the substance of sincerity.

All these qualities will give us a rich inner life. This is how we prepare ourselves internally for the great esoteric disciplines of the mind that blaze among the burning flames of the universe.

VM Samael Ain Weor

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