A Divinity who appears wrapped in a shroud out of which only appear his hands holding the scepter of power and the whip. He wears a white crown with feathers on his head. A dead god and a god of the dead. Sovereign of the Afterlife before whom those who die must present themselves to settle their accounts. Linked to vegetation that is born from the land, he rules the world of the dead for those who can be granted eternal life by his side. Osiris is the son of Geb, Keb, the earth, and Nut, the sky, he married his sister Isis and received the right to inherit his father’s kingdom on the fertile land of the Nile Valley, while his brother Seth inherited the arid desert. The tragic story of the myth stems from the rivalry between the two brothers, Osiris and Seth. Due to the envy felt by Seth, he decided to concoct a conspiracy against his brother Osiris, along with 72 accomplices. Seth managed to deceive and murder Osiris, chopping his body into fourteen pieces and throwing it across the country. Isis, his wife, hearing what had happened to her husband, set o running all over the country in search of the fragments of Osiris, her beloved husband. Aided by Thoth and Nephthys, she found all the parts of her husband’s body, all except the phallus. Three sh had eaten it. She restored her husband’s body; struck down by pain, she regretted not having had a child with him, so she implored to the Gods, to grant her this miracle. Then at Isis’s feet, mud began to sprout, and a figure began to form from it in the form of a phallus, which Isis then placed on her beloved husband. Aided by Anubis, Isis repairs Osiris’s body and embalms him. Isis reanimated her husband with her wings and resurrected him. He fecundated her; she became pregnant with her son Horus, so the son became the posthumous son of the God Osiris. Once he became an adult, Horus undertook a series of battles against his uncle Seth to avenge the murder of his father, Osiris, and to recover the kingdom that had been usurped from him. Horus finally avenges his father by defeating Seth.

Feature image: Seth


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