The First Teaching

by Austin Gnosis
May 23, 2019
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As we know very well, the starting point of the vertical of the path is to have “inquietudes”, that is to say, “spiritual yearnings”. That is when we are ready to receive the first esoteric teaching.

It is not difficult to recognize among the students from our Gnostic centers who sincerely belong to this world of “spiritual inquietudes”.

Obviously the first thing that we need is to be conscious of the degree to which we are part of this world of inquietudes of the soul. Then in the same measure, we will mutually recognize each other.

The “human being” has two ways of reacting to life, the first one is to discover the reason for existence and this is “spiritual inquietude” and the other is to never worry about it.

The one who has spiritual inquietudes knows through their own sense of intuition when a teaching has ‘heart’ and when it doesn’t.

To have spiritual inquietudes is not a teaching, if we consider that this is not learned pedagogically, since it comes from the heart.

However, to develop such inquietudes of the soul intelligently should be the practice of the first teaching.

The first teaching cannot be other than “the practice of Remembrance of the Being” which we reiterate can only be developed in those who have spiritual inquietudes.

Therefore, to begin to pedagogically educate the heart is cardinal and necessary so that those superior forces can lead us from the lowest to the highest levels of the Being.


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