Gnosis is a word that means “knowing,” so this is not a group that practices an ancient belief system or religion, but a contemporary tradition aimed at the development of all of our human possibilities through the study and practice of a set of universal principles of self-discovery and inner development found in the sciences, philosophies, arts and spiritual traditions of human cultures throughout history.

Putting these universal principles into action in our lives brings real, immediate and lasting positive change and a growing level of freedom and happiness that makes us more productive in every area of life: as family members, workers, students, citizens, partners, etc.

The below curriculum is a weekly course which spans the course of about a year, serving as a foundation for the further development of the study of esotericism and the science and ethics of meditation in a more in-depth manner.

Anyone is welcome to attend one; however, as the classes and practices build on one another, consistent weekly attendance is expected. If you decide not to continue on with the classes at any point, you are free to stop attending with no further obligations.

1. Introduction to Gnosis
The term “Gnosis.” Gnostic foundations. Science, Philosophy, Art and Mysticism.

2. The Four Ways
The Fakir, the Monk, the Yogi and the Straight Path or the Fourth Way.

3. The Two Lines 0f Life
The level of Being. The marvelous ladder of the Being. The horizontal and the vertical lines of life.

4. Need & Greed
Human needs. Money. Ambition. Happiness.

5. Consciousness, Personality and the Ego
The different egos. The development of the Essence. The false personality.

6. The Human Machine & the Pluralized “I”
Intellectual, motor, emotional, instinctive and sexual centres.

7. The Three Brains & How to Solve Problems
What is a problem? What are the types of problems we have and how can we dissolve them?

8. The Three Minds
Sensorial mind, Intermediate mind, and Interior mind.

“When one lives in accordance with upright thinking, upright feeling and upright action, the consequences tend to be happy.” – Samael Aun Weor

9. The Universal Mind
Imagination and will. Mental epidemics. Mental hygiene. Origins of the universal mind.

10. The Spatial Sense & The Fourth Dimension
The intimate remembrance of One-Self. Time. The six fundamental dimensions.

11. The Awakening of Consciousness
Dreams, vigilance, self-consciousness and objective consciousness.

12. Learning How to Listen
To speak is easier than to listen. Few are the people who listen with their consciousness.

13. Return, Recurrence and Reincarnation
The great machinery of Nature and its intelligent laws.

14. The Laws of Karma and Dharma
Justice and mercy. Types of Karma. Karma is negotiable.

15. The Mysteries of Life and Death (Part 1)
Life, old age and death.

16. The Mysteries of Life and Death (Part 1)
What part of us continues after we die?

17. Evolution, Involution and Revolution
The doctrine of the transmigration of souls. Elementals, Humanoids, Men and Super-men. The three factors for the revolution of the consciousness.

18. The Seven Rounds and the Seven Races
The history of the previous races that have inhabited the Earth.

19. The Origin of the “I”
How did we develop the ego? The history of the Divine miscalculation that unbalanced human psychology. Explanation of the Kundalini.

20. The Lunar Influence
How the Moon influences human psychology and how we can manage its effects.

“A Man who truly works on himself with the purpose of awakening consciousness will be able to integrate with the divine.” – Samael Aun Weor

21. The Hidden Face of our Psychological Moon
Visible and hidden side of our psyche. Criticism and self-criticism. The sense of psychological self-observation.

22. Universal Sound
The power of the word. The relationship between vibration, movement, energy and matter. The keynote. Vibratory affinity. Mantras. The laryngeal-sexual relationship. Deformation of the word.

23. The Seven Cosmoses
Absolute Abstract Space and the Worlds that occupy all of space. The Ray of Creation.

24. The Tree of Life
An introduction to the famous Tree of Life of the Kabbalah and its principles.

25. The Study of the Solar Humanity
A study into the energy bodies of each Human Being: Astral, Mental, and Causal, and their relationship with the Tree of Life.

26. Seven Types of Man
Mechanical and conscious humanity. Our work towards becoming a balanced human, and the goal of the Gnostic Work – the full Realisation of the Being.

27. Psychic Development
Sensations. Perceptions. Concepts. Words. Language. Mantras. The Chakras.

28. Transformation of Impressions
We receive life through our senses, in a series of impressions, and our reactions dictate our internal state. How to process the impressions of life efficiently for spiritual growth. Studying the principles of transformation and sacrifice.

29. Prana, Tattwas and Pranayama
The law of universal vibration. The vital foundation. Properties of the Tattwas. Pranayama exercise.

30. Sexual Hydrogen SI – 12
Esoteric classification of energy: Fundamental Hydrogens. Transformation of foods in the organism for the fabrication of sexual Hydrogen.

31. Astral Travel
The world of dreams. Astral projection and travel. Direct experience. Supra-dimensions and infra-dimensions.

32. The New Age of Aquarius
The zodiac and the sidereal journey. The four ages of each humanity. The initiation of the Age of Aquarius in 1962 and its influence. What we need to do to participate in the Golden Age to come.

33. The Pancatattwa Ritual
The five elements: fire, water, air, earth, ether. How to intelligently consume all of these and their esoteric importance in our constitution. The Sahaja Maithuna, sacred sexuality.